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December 4, 2004 / jnolen

First Post!

oooh, scary. Hopefully, on some long distant anniversary of the day I started to blog, I'll link back to this post and say "remember way back when?" I'll probably wish that I had written something more significant in this, my first post. But on the other hand, who knows if I'll even manage to keep this up for a month. I probably shouldn't stress about it.

I had intended to get this blog thing going on my birthday, which passed a few weeks ago. (If you're interested, I just turned 29. Again, "oooh, scary".) Unfortunately, the design took more time than I had planned. But now I the blog looks more-or-less as I'd hoped, so no more excuses. Time to get moving.

Tonight I'm heading down to LA to see Neko Case with The Sadies at the El Rey in honor of my friend Alicia's birthday. The plan is to head to Minibar after the show for a late dinner. The place looks really cool, at least as far as one can tell from the website. And people on CitySearch like it. But I'll let you know.

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