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December 13, 2004 / jnolen

A Weekend in Review

Friday night I saw Blade Trinity. Now, in general, I will give a great deal of leeway to a comicbook movie. This one was directed by the guy who wrote the last two Blade movies, which were OK. So I went in hoping for the best. But this one was really awful. I'm almost sorry I saw it. The only thing that kept the movie from total failure was Ryan Reynolds. He was pretty much hilarious every time he was on screen. Most of his dialog was so much better than everyone else's that I wondered if he had just ad lib'd it.

On Saturday, I got some great news: Kirk and Pam are moving back to SB. They just bought a house on the mesa and they move in January 10th. They've been in Pacific Pallisades for about 2 years, but they've decided to open up a new business in this area, so they're coming home.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate their return. We ended up at Nu, the same restaurant where we had had their going away dinner two years ago. Great meal, lots of fun. Had some really great wine: Patz & Hall 2003 Durell Vinyard Chardonnay and Siduri 2001 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir. Both recommended.

Today, I spent most of the afternoon putting together a website for Jason & Kim's wedding. I don't know what their hosting situation is yet, so there's nothing to see. In any case, it's all Kim's design work. I'm just implementing. But it's very simple and elegant. I think it works well. I did a website for another set of friends last summer ( It's still up. This one I did design, mostly. These kinds of sites are pretty easy to do, and I'm happy to help out.

Tonight I may see Ocean's Twelve, which is likely no more socially redeeming than Blade, but at least is supposed to be entertaining. We'll see. Probably going to hang out with David and talk over tech another idea we've been brewing. I'll let you know if it goes anywhere.

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