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December 15, 2004 / jnolen


So tomorrow night I'm hosting Pub Quiz for the first time. (Jason, the regular m.c. is vacationing in Italy — I'll pause for a moment while we all quietly hate him.) can you think of any good questions to ask? I need to come up with about 40 new questions by lunchtime tomorrow.

It's funny — it was totally easy writing questions during the first two months we ran Trivia Night. But inventing new questions has started to get awfully hard lately. It's particularly difficult to ask questions that suit a wide range of ages and appeal to both guys and girls. If we're not careful, the questions all focus around geek trivia (80s cartoons, computers, sci-fi movies, indie rock, etc.). It was totally worth it that week that we asked the question about Strawberry Shortcake.

Got any more like that?

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