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December 23, 2004 / jnolen


So I'm leaving for Christmas in Birmingham tomorrow. If you're in the area, ring me up.

Here are my plans so far:

  • Thursday: Wheels down, 3pm.
  • Friday: Panicked last-minute shopping, lunch meeting with Michael about business idea, pick up sister at the airport, dinner out with the fam.
  • Saturday: lunch at my parents' house with the extended family. (First year of the new, experimental Not-So-Secret-Santa gift exchange. I'm buying for my Uncle — which was actually pretty easy. I suspect that the name-drawing may not have been strictly random.) Probably go see a movie that evening: The Aviator, Sideways, or A Very Long Engagement.
  • Sunday: Church in the morning. Hanging out with John in the evening. (Where should we go?)
  • Monday: The big party.
  • Tuesday: ??? Another movie?
  • Wednesday: Dinner with Abigail, Jill, Claire(?) & Lockett(?).
  • Thursday: Hear Katherine and Allison at Workplay with my sister.
  • Friday: Wheels up, 1pm.

My flight is at five bloody thirty in the bloody morning. Ugh. I should totally be asleep now, but sleep before midnight just doesn't happen for me. But I'll suppose I should go make an effort.

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