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January 4, 2005 / jnolen

Speaking of Wikis

I want to know why Ross Mayfield's SocialText doesn't have a demo site (like this one).

Some of the things that SocialText talks about sound really interesting. They say, "The first thing we've done has been to integrate Socialtext with email, instant messaging, and Skype." Sounds cool, right? I really want to see how that works. That'd be a compelling feature that we don't currently have. But there's no way to explore further without starting a "30-day free trial." There aren't even any screenshots.

SocialText talks a great game about openness, but they're not following through very well with their website. (Although I do give them props for printing real prices right on the website for God and everybody to see. I absolutely hate software that forces me to talk to a sales person to figure out what it costs. Yet another symptom of this disease.)

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  1. Ross Mayfield / Jan 5 2005 6:57 am

    Really damn good point. The basic reason is that if you talk with us, we can share with you ways of working better with any wiki. We even have a tool to do it with.

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