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January 7, 2005 / jnolen


As I was trawling around the net for info on SocialText, I also stumbled across JotSpot. It’s another wiki startup, this one run by some former Excite folk. There’s no product yet, just a demo, but the demo is impressive. There are three features, in particular, that I like:

1. It offers wysiwyg editing. This has been the biggest point of resistance in getting other people to adopt the wiki at my day job. A application-style editor would make it so much easier to get people to accept the wiki.

2. Every page has an email address, as well as a URL. So you can CC your emails to a particular page. Confluence does this also, but on a per-space level. I’m not sure which is actually the best approach. I can see the need for both.

3. They’re really focusing on pre-packaged wiki applications. Out of the box, non-developers will be able to do more complex things than just simply publishing info. I can’t see the application gallery yet — but I signed up for the beta, so hopefully I will soon.


  1. Eugene Levitsky / Jan 26 2005 5:15 pm

    Jonathan, we have thousands of companies using the beta version of the service. They all signed up through

  2. Jonathan Nolen / Jan 26 2005 5:57 pm

    I know. I just got my beta account provisioned Monday. I’m still exploring, but I’ll have something up with impressions later in the week.

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