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February 5, 2005 / jnolen

SB Film Fest: Day 4

Films for day 4: Apres Vous and Kontroll. Reviews after the jump….

Apres Vous

(SBIFF synposis here.) A reasonably funny romantic comedy starring Daniel Auteuil, who I’ve also seen in The Girl on the Bridge and a Un coeur en hiver, and possibly other things. Auteuil’s performance was strong, as always. The rest of the cast was a unremarkable. The story was cute at best. There were some funny moments, but overall I would probably not recommend this.


(SBIFF synopsis here.) Kontroll, on the other hand, is the best film I’ve seen at this year’s festival. Highly recommended. It’s the story of a) a group of ticket-inspectors on the Budapest subway system b) their humorous difiiculties with the subway passengers, c) their gang-like rivalry with the other inspectors d) a serial-killer loose in the subways e) the psychological break and recovery of the protagonist and f) an abbreviated love-story.

There’s obviously an enormous amount going on in this film. None of the plot threads feel short-changed necessarily, but I did wish for more time spent on almost all of them. The entire story takes place underground, but it never feels claustrophobic — it seems like a huge, fascinating world down there.

Kontroll is the first feature film from the director and he does a wonderful job. The pace was prefect. The cinematography was wonderful. The color palette and the lighting were beautifully dark. The movie was actually filmed in the Budapest subway and it looks great. The soundtrack also deserves mention — the entire effort is the product of the techno outfit Neo. And it really makes the movie. It’s as good as Run, Lola, Run or The Matrix.

All in all, 5 out of 5.

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