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February 14, 2005 / jnolen

Wiki diff, demonstrated

I put together a mockup of how I think diff should work in a Wiki, implementing most of the ideas I talked about here. I'm interested to hear your thoughts for changes or additions.

Take a look at the diff mockup.

Unfortunately, it only works properly in Firefox, but I didn't have enough time to debug the javascript in all browsers. All apologies.


  1. Ludovic Dubost / Feb 14 2005 11:37 pm

    Very slick.. I like it…
    Now in terms of implementation. One question I have is how solid it is against incomplete HTML in the middle of the changes.
    For example what if I change the bottom half of the div area.. Isn’t there a risk of invalid HTML with half the the div being colored in green and half of it in red..

  2. Jonathan Nolen / Feb 16 2005 5:04 am

    Thanks Ludovic,
    One way that this demo is less-than-realistic is that the source diffs are in HTML, rather than in Wiki-markup. At least when you’re diffing wiki markup, you don’t have to worry about proper nesting. The sourcecode is just printed out as text, and the only HTML nodes in that view are the elements that provide coloring.
    When you move to the content diffs, it definitely will be tricky to insert the coloring elements without disturbing the rest of the HTML. Figuring out an algorithm to handle that task will be the most techincally challenging aspect of this problem, I think.

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