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February 15, 2005 / jnolen

JotSpot application gallery

I've been prowling around the JotSpot application gallery lately. I'm beginning to see how powerful their concept really is. They've got some really useful apps in there. My current favorite is the Recruiting manager.

I've been interviewing developers recently, and I've been forced to keep candidate data in an Excel file on a shared drive. Having a drop-and-go candidate tracking web-app would be most useful. And since interviewing is a collaborative activity, it makes total sense to share the information among the team. On the other hand, there is information in a candidate's resume that might be considered private: addresses, salary history, &c. Personally, I think all salaries should be public, but I doubt most HR departments would agree.

JotSpot's drop-in applications really make it something qualitatively different than a wiki. I don't know if that is going to translate into a more effective sales-pitch. But I do know that the open-company test is going to be particularly important in this context: it is crucial that it be as easy to get data out of the app as it is to get it in.

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