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March 30, 2005 / jnolen

Tim Bray on Apple

As I was just saying….

Tim Bray comes through with a nice rant today blasting Apple's lack of transparency.

My big gripe with Apple, of course, is their cult of hermetic secrecy. We at Sun and our esteemed competitors up in Redmond are engaged in a grand experiment: what happens when you dramatically increase a company’s transparency? Initial results are pretty good for both of us. Apple’s approach is of course, exactly the opposite. They control the message, nothing that’s not part of the message can be said, nobody is allowed to say anything except for Steve, and they’ll sue your ass if you step out of bounds.

See? Customers notice when you treat them badly. They get mad. If they get mad enough, they'll go somewhere else. Having insanely great products is only one item weighed on the scale of customer satisfaction. Trust, respect, community, and access to information are all there too, weighing on one side or the other.

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