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May 10, 2005 / jnolen

Lee LeFever on Wikis in the Enterprise

Lee LeFever at CommonCraft posts some provocative thoughts on how best to integrate a wiki as one of several avenues of communication that a software company can use to communicate with its users. He makes some excellent proposals about how to get the most out of your communication investments — the maximum useful information with the least duplication of effort.

He makes the reasonable argument that different media are suited for different types of communication. Blogs and message boards are best at handling rapidly flowing information. Wikis are better as a reference. So you should set up processes that enable those specific uses but encourage them to cross-pollinate.

He also makes the often-forgotten point that wikis work best when they have someone to manage them. The gardening metaphor works best: a wiki can grow without supervision but it needs constant pruning to be most useful.

Well worth a read.

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