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June 7, 2005 / jnolen

X & Y

UPDATE: I just bought my legit copy of X&Y, partly because the quality of the MP3s I'd downloaded was kind of sub-par. So I re-encoded everything as 320kb AAC and I'm much happier. The cymbals sound like they're supposed to, instead of like static. Also, check this article about the album cover.

I got a copy of Coldplay's newest record last week and it's been on non-stop rotation since. It's really good — like yearly top-ten list good. At first, I didn't really like the single, so I wasn't really expecting much. But I kept finding myself with the chorus to Speed of Sound running through my head at odd times. So I decided there must be something going on.

And it turns out I was right: the album is really amazing. More mature and sombre than their past efforts, but with some great anthems scattered. Favorite tracks so far: Fix You, White Shadows, Talk and The Hardest Part. The record will be officially released tomorrow, so you should go pick it up. I will.

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