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July 13, 2005 / jnolen

Currently listening to…

something you've never heard of.

It's frustrating me to no end that I have new records I want to list on my Currently Listening sidebar that Amazon doesn't know about. The way Typelists are set up, if Amazon doesn't know about it, there is no way to get a cover image in there.

For example, I tried to post the new John Vanderslice album, Pixel Revolt, but got no love. And I tried to list another recent discovery, Limbeck's Hi, Everything's Great. Amazon at least knew about that one, but had no cover image. Same with Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah. I put that one in anyway because it's that brilliant and more people need to know about it.

At least I got The Jealous Sound up there.

I greatly appreciate the convenience of skimming cover images from Amazon most of the time, but there should really be a way to override them.

Ok, rant done. In any case, those are four recent discoveries that are worth your time.

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  1. Alicia / Jul 18 2005 3:04 am

    Uhhhh…Pixel Revolt’s release date August 23, 2005.

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