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July 28, 2005 / jnolen

Another new gadget

Thanks to a timely alert by DealMac, I placed an order for two new flat-panel monitors on Tuesday. They arrived today (with free shipping, no less).

Of course, I would have preferred an Apple Cinema Display, but at ~$500 difference per monitor, I couldn't remotely justify the cost. It's not a direct comparison, since the Apple's closest monitor is a 20" widescreen, but two 19" are bigger than a single 20" widescreen (2560×1024 vs. 1680×1050) and cheaper, too.

Now I need to check and see if I need a new video card. This one looks nice.

Also, I now have two 19" Dell (Sony) Trinitron flat-screen (not flat panel) monitors (like these) in good condition that I need to get rid of. Anyone want 'em?

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  1. ian / Jul 30 2005 1:45 am

    We just bought exactly the same monitor about a week ago!

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