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September 13, 2005 / jnolen

First day at the new job

A quick report: today was my first day Atlassian. I spent a chunk of the day on HR paperwork and general setup stuff. (By the way, my new work email address is Don't be a stranger.)

Then I worked on getting JIRA building from source and deploying. Thanks to the atlassian-idea maven plugin, it was almost (but not quite) as easy as advertised. The "not quite" took me a while to work through, but I took good notes. And once I'm sure these are really problems, instead of just failures of understanding, I'll look at fixing them. Hopefully the next guy to come along won't have the same difficulties.

Overall, the first day was really fun. Interesting enough to keep me at the computer until 9 o'clock, anyway. It's nice to be diving into unknown territory again. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.


  1. Michael Neale / Sep 21 2005 12:11 pm

    Presumed having a good time?
    I assume you are in the new CA office of atlassian? (I am an aussie, and proud of my countrymen and women down in sydney proving we do have a software industry).
    Oh, and just in case you have hit the “trough of dis-illusionment” in the new job, just a quick reminder that both confluence and jira rock hard.

  2. Jonathan Nolen / Sep 21 2005 4:19 pm

    No worries, indeed I am having a good time. I’m still on the “crest of excitement.” There’s tons to do — but it’s stuff I’m enthusiastic about. JIRA and Confluence do rock, and I like the thought that I’m helping to make them even better.

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