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November 8, 2005 / jnolen

I won the pot!

in the great Quizmaster QuizBowl 3000 Trivia-off last night, hosted by the lovely ladies of team (what number are you guys?), plus Zach. Those five made up some extraordinarily tough questions. In fact, they actually came up with a few that Jason, David and I had proposed using in the real event. But I came out with 22/40, a score which, while just over 50%, would have been not-embarrassing in a real pub-quiz round, so I can walk with my head held high (and a flower pot in my hand). Plus, they gave me booze.

My cuisine reigns supreme.

Bonus trivia Question 1 from last night: The word "payola" is a portmanteau of what two words?

Bonus trivia Question 2 from last night: What was the first work of fiction blessed by the Vatican?

Answer 1: Payment + Victrola

Answer 2: Ben-Hur (WTF? I thought Dante was a shoe-in.)

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