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March 9, 2006 / jnolen

Hats off to Skobee’s marketing guy

When your newly launched company's product tour includes the phrase "Let's get raging drunk," you have just won my business.

At breakfast, no less. You, sir, are fucking cool.

Actually, I really like the idea of this service. I've been waiting for someone to better the ridiculously bad evite interface for years. My main feature request is that they allow me to fully customize the invite pages (hopefully with CSS) so that I can make my invites match my site.

evite could have owned this market if they had focused on features and interface rather than cramming more ads down my throat. I've been itching to the opportunity to ditch them, and I think I just found it.

My main question is how this is going to fit with, et al. They're really solving different problems, but I can see places where they will overlap.

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  1. skobee snacks / Mar 11 2006 12:18 am

    btwwe launched the site

    Its really a small blip on the road ahead, but we just wanted to take a quick moment to announce our own launch. Weve barely scratched our itch and there are still tons of things we want to add to our application. Thanks to everyone for …

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