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April 28, 2006 / jnolen

IBM reveals a little more about QEDWiki

IBM demo'd QEDWiki on Wednesday at PHP|Tek in Orlando. Unfortunately, I can't find much detail; no screenshots, no *-cast. But judging by the amount of search traffic I'm seeing, it's quite a hot topic. I just wish I had more to pass along. But here's the little bit that I could find:

There are a couple of CNet articles about QEDWik (1, 2) in which we can learn a little more. First, it's PHP-based. Second, it sounds like it's really after the enterprise-content-mashup concept. The article calls it 'application assembly,' which is not a bad turn of phrase. IBM wants to enable "businesspeople [to] create their own Web pages by dragging and dropping components onto a pallet. [sic. I assume they mean 'palette'.]" The example they offer is plotting sales data against a weather feed.

Here are Dru Lavigne's notes from an earlier conference where we learn: "[QEDWiki] is both an IDE and a runtime framework," "developers can create their own WikiCommands to extend the framework as they are simply PHP scripts" and "if the PHP community shows interest, it will most likely be open sourced."

So, still nothing to look at, but we know a little more about the focus QEDWiki will have. It sounds much more like a drag-and-drop application wiki than an enterprise wiki.

If anyone know where to find any screenshots, etc. please let me know. And if you happen to work at IBM, I'd love a demo.

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  1. Aggelos Paraskevopoulos / Jan 10 2007 4:43 pm

    Probably you should have spotted this already, but here it is

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