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July 25, 2006 / jnolen

JotSpot goes naked

Looks like JotSpot is getting ready to offer their software à la carte — no hosting, no appliance. The JotSpot Wiki Server can be downloaded and installed inside the firewall on your company's own hardware.

This is definitely a good direction for them, and one that seemed to me to be unavoidable. I expected something a little sooner, but now we have it. I was only off by a year. In any case, a smart move that could really open up JotSpot's enterprise sales.

Stewart Mader posts about the move, and argues that Jot should be more upfront with their pricing (while kindly referencing some of my earlier writing on the subject). In principle, I agree with him, but I'd advise that we give Jot a little more time before jumping on them. They just announced this, it's in beta, and I'm sure they haven't figured out their pricing model. They'll want to talk to the beta testers and see what the market will bear.

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