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October 25, 2006 / jnolen

New book: Wikis in Education

Wiki-blogger Stewart Mader has just published a brand new book called Wikis in Education. Stewart has been blogging on Wikis in Education at for quite a while, and this book is a collection of case studies that delve more deeply the topics of the blog. The book covers a lot of ground in many different educational contexts. Some case studies were done by Confluence users, and other not, but they're all interesting.

Stewart is publishing the book using Confluence (which is cool in itself). Two chapters and the introduction (which was contributed by Mike) are publicly available now. $19 gets you access to the full book, as well as PDF versions of each chapter. The book is excellent — we think it's valuable enough that Atlassian is planning to buy a copy for our academic customers. Academic or not, if you're interested in seeing how wikis are actually being used in the field this is a terrific collection of real use-cases.

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