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November 2, 2006 / jnolen

Another detail from the JotSpot acquisition

Here is a little detail from the JotSpot acquisition that I had not yet heard (thanks Zoli):

According to Phil Wilson (a participant in the JotSpot Server* beta), Jot has announced that they're discontinuing their beta program. Now, this does not necessarily mean that they're completely abandoning the on-premise version. After all, they're moving their software onto the Google infrastructure, which will no doubt mean significant changes. And so continuing to work on a potentially incompatible installed version would be wasted effort. So discontinuing the current beta makes sense either way.

But this does mean that if Jot is going to offer on-permise software again, it's going to be on Google's technology and on Google's time-table. Of course, Google's engineering prowess is formidable and we should not underestimate their ability. But installed, enterprise software does not seem to be an immediate priority for Google. Which means the rest of the wiki vendors have a longer lead time before Google's possible re-entry into this end of the market — something we should be prepared for, whether it ever happens or not.

* That was their VMWare-based, locally installed version.

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  1. Isaac Garcia / Nov 2 2006 9:08 pm

    One assumption might be that Google wraps the reconfigured Jot wiki into one of the Google Enterprise Servers (Search Appliance).
    In fact, its probably not a stretch to imagine an entire ‘collaboration suite’ deployed on a search appliance.
    Just a thought…unlikely, but possible.
    Either way, it will take them years to figure it out.

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