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August 17, 2007 / jnolen

Litmus test

The new service Litmus* is a terrific idea, attempting to alleviate a pain with which every web-developer is intimately familiar. The site beautifully designed. If it works as advertised, it would be a huge win for me.

But wow is it expensive. There's no way I can justify that subscription fee. I've used similar services on a pay-per-use basis in that past, which admittedly got me in the door, but the experience sucks. When you know that each change-and-test cycle is going to cost you $10, your incentive is to figure out the simplest thing that you can get working in the least number of round-trips, and once you get it "good enough", you stop.

So anyway, no real point here. I just wish there were a more affordable option for this service. If anyone knows of a good alternative, I'd love to learn about it.

* found via DaringFireball: see, feed sponsorships do work.

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