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September 14, 2009 / jnolen

Cash for Clunkers

Update: Ben just put up an awesome blog post on the first of the screenshots we’re getting and some of the funnier comments people have submitted. Read it here.

Atlassian has started running a short promotion in anticipation of the launch of JIRA 4.0 — we’re asking people to trade in their old, inefficient bug-trackers, cash-for-clunkers-style. You can get a free ten-user license or 20% off a full commercial license.

Cash for Clunkers

The fun part of the promotion is that you’re supposed to upload a screenshot of the old school bug-tracker you’re replacing (if you can). I can’t wait to see the images that come in.

A my previous company, I first started using JIRA in 2002 because my team was looking to replace a home-built bug-tracker. I wish I had a screenshot of that thing — it was absolutely hideous. The only thing I can remember is the 1996-era pink marble tiled background image, but it was classic.

Anyway, if you’re stuck using a 1990s-era bug-tracker and need a more powerful, modern tool, this is a perfect opportunity. Find all the details here:

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  1. Zoli Erdos / Sep 14 2009 6:47 pm

    You mean upload my yellow stickies? :-)

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