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September 23, 2009 / jnolen

At long last, your days are numbered, IE6!

Google has finally given Microsoft Internet Explorer the big kiss-off it so richly deserves. Read about it here:

Google, you clever bastards, from Charles Miller

More technical details about Google Chrome Frame, from Jim Ray.

Over the past 15 years IE has wasted countless hours of my time, as well as the time of every other web developer on the planet. Nothing else has done more to hold back the potential of the web. And no one company probably feels that pain more acutely than Google. But enough is enough — Google has taken matters into their own hands. I pray that this finally drives the nail in IE6’s coffin. And I pray that this finally convinces web developers all over the world to stop aiding and abetting Microsoft’s decade-long strategy to neuter the internet. Good luck and Godspeed, Google Chrome.

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  1. Harris London / Oct 22 2009 10:21 am

    well put!

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