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April 15, 2005 / jnolen

Remixing with Greasemonkey

John Udell has another great post today, this one about Greasemonkey. I knew Greasemonkey was a cool little app, but I failed to grok how important it actually is until reading John's post today. He points to a guy who added a persistant search feature to Gmail.

This guy saw that Gmail was missing a feature that he liked from his other email clients. And despite the fact that Gmail is in no way open-source, he said: "I can fix that." And so he did, and gave his work back to the community.

This is a brilliant example of the remix culture, played out in software. In the new world, your product is going to be opensource, whether you like it or not. You'd be smarter to harness that energy (like Amazon) instead of fighting it (like RIAA).

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