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April 19, 2005 / jnolen

Open Company Rolemodels

Nike no stranger to controversy. But this quote from a FT article today is a nice summary of lessons learned by a company who has for too long followed the "hide and hope the problem goes away" strategy of communication.

"We felt the risks of any future lawsuit were far outweighed by benefits of transparency," says Hannah Jones, Nike's vice-president of corporate responsibility. "Because if we've learned anything as a company, it's that closing down and not talking about the challenges and opportunities doesn't get you far."

Nike is learning the hard way to be a more Open Company. Even though they make shoes instead of software, the same core principles apply. It's worthwhile to remember that Nike doesn't do anything that's not in the best interest of the bottom line.

This may be, of course, nothing more than corporate happy-speak on Nike's part — a snowjob to keep their critics quiet. But I remain hopeful.

Link via WorldChanging.

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