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April 20, 2009 / jnolen

Atlassian Stimulus Package

One of Atlassian’s most dearly held values is that every software team deserves to use the best tools. We have tried to honor that by pricing our software very aggressively — you can get started with any of our installed products for $1200, or with all of them in JIRA Studio for $50 per user.

However, even prices that low are sometimes outside the range of a small startup, a new team, or a hobby project. That’s one reason that Atlassian is introducing the Atlassian Stimulus Package, where you can get a five-user, startup-sized license of JIRA or Confluence for only five dollars.

These are legit copies — fully-featured, supported and licensed for commercial or non-commercial use. Anything you want to do with it. In order to make sure we can handle the volume of new customers, there are a few limitations on Support. Read the whole FAQ here.

All proceeds from the license sales are going to one of our Founders’ favourite charities: Room to Read.

I’m tremendously excited about this program; we’ve been working hard on it for the last few months, and I want to offer kudos to all the different people across Atlassian who came together to make it happen. It feels great to get back to our roots helping small starter teams. And I’m excited to see what the injection of these innovative, entrepreneurial teams is going to do to our customer ecosystem.

So if you think JIRA and Confluence could help you launch the next great startup, go get yours today!

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